Which parts of the UK are famous British artists from

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0:00 Introduction.
0:55 Republic of .
1:20 .
1:52 Excellent Britain.
2:40 .
3:10 .
3:27 .
9:39 Isle of Man.
10:10 Conclusion.

Which parts of the are famous artists from

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  1. I teach English as a foreign language and I always have to teach this to kids. Now I can give the kids a geography lesson plus a music lesson, which I always try to sneek in any way. Lovely!

  2. I am also British like you and am so proud of the diversity in music that is produced in the UK. Some of my personal fave music artists hail from the UK and Ireland and their music is always stuff I recommend to people and a lot of it is a music I was raised on because it is what my parents loved. And like look at the ICONS and LEGENDS that hailed from here. Bowie, Queen, The Beatles, Sir Elton John, George Michael just to name a few. We have talent here. And I love it.

  3. New Order/Joy Division are from Manchester too! And the Cure are from West Sussex. I know Foals are also from Oxford, and Iron Maiden are from London.

    As a kid from the Balkans the UK always seemed like this magical musical kingdom where all my favorite bands were from. Somehow they all made great music while being on a small rainy island.

  4. Two bands that immediately sprung to mind who weren’t mentioned (unless I missed it):
    Chemical Brothers (Manchester)
    Elbow (Bury, Greater Manchester)

  5. Two legendary acts from Ireland you forgot: Rory Gallagher and Thin Lizzy.
    I think you also overlooked a lot of great Hard Rock/Metal bands from the UK: Motorhead, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Carcass, Bolt Thrower, etc, etc

    1. Been a while since I heard Carcass. What a band! We used to cover the easiest of their songs, blackstar!

  6. Kind of a monumental task to make everyone happy to hear about their favorite British/UK acts. Kind of surprising that Surrey wasn’t given a mention being that one county produced Clapton, Beck, Page and Julie Andrews. I know it’s a suburb of London, but still, something in the water there.

  7. Loved this David, as both a music and geography nerd. Sorry you had to omit Badfinger from the Welsh section ❤
    How about one for us Canadians?
    Would be happy to give you a hand 🍁

  8. Another cool fact regarding a band mentioned, Queen. Freddie Mercury, while living his whole adult life in London, was born in Zanzibar (which is part of modern day Tanzania). He then spent the majority of his childhood in India and didn’t move to England until the age of 17-18.

  9. I’m for the US but have been a fan of British pop since birth. Last summer I visited England for the first time and spent time in London and Liverpool. I was surprised not to see more about The La’s that hailed from Liverpool. To my knowledge they only had one album before breaking apart. But “There She Goes” has continued on regular rotation on Sirius XM radio channels … where the original or the cover by Six Pence None The Richer.

    The La’s from Liverpool. 😊

  10. I know that the heavier side of music doesn’t happen a lot on your channel, but not mentioning Bring me the Horizon while talking about Artists from Sheffield was surprising to say the least!
    And Ed not being listed was most unexpected too x)

  11. Manchester also was home to Factory Records which signed bands like Joy Division and their later iteration of New Order. Fun fact: the artwork for the original 12” vinyl for “Blue Monday” was so expensive every sold copy LOST money!

  12. I would love to see a video in the way the Beatles met up and formed. Also great video I love the geography side of britpop definitely do more!

  13. Where artists come from is as complicated as the geography of the British, or should that be Hibernian, Isles. For instance one band that I don’t think you mentioned was Dire Straits. Mark Knopfler was born in Glasgow, raised in Newcastle and formed Dire Straits when at Uni in Leeds but were living in London when they made the big time. My head hurts! Loved the video!

  14. Lindisfarne, Fog on the Tyne is pretty cool! I’m not British, but I’ve developed a hobby the last few yeas of looking up where famous musicians are from, which then naturally leads into learning about the UK and Ireland.

  15. Would really like to see a video on one of the cities respective music scenes like Glasgow or Manchester, I think they have a very interesting relationship with music that doesn’t often get discussed often enough.

  16. I just love the fact that there are two bands with a driving rocksound, comprised of two people, both with ‘blood’ in their name coming from the same city: Blood Red shoes and Royal Blood from Brighton.

  17. A similar video on famous artists and what country in the world they are from would be cool 🙂

  18. this was great, david. since you’re a brit, i’d love to hear your thoughts as to why so many great bands have emanated from the uk. from a music theory pov, i’d also like to learn about some of the distinguishing differences between brit and american rock. thank you!

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