4 Original Pieces \ Acoustic Versions \ Jacob’s Piano [18min]

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00:00 | Her
04:53 | Bo's Theme
09:01 | Rising
13:18 | Petrichor

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Musical compositions: Ladegaard ('s )
Performance: Jacob Ladegaard (Jacob's Piano)

4 Original Pieces \\ Acoustic Versions \\ Jacob's Piano [18min]

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  1. 🎵 If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that I recently got an acoustic piano in my home studio. Now I’m happy to share the first YouTube video with the piano. I have a lot to learn about video and audio recording of this new instrument – it’s a fun and interesting learning process. If you wonder whether you’ll see the keyboard then yes, I’ll definitely keep using that. Probably for most videos, as it is more versatile and easier to use for video recordings and music production.

    The microphones used are the AKG C414: https://www.thomann.de/akg_c414_xls_stereoset.htm?partner_id=64192

    There’s also a new VLOG video out today with insights into how I produce my recordings: https://youtu.be/vPlVaBX_8Tc

    I really hope you like this! /Jacob

    1. I can barely find the right words to describe how deep and volumetric your music sounds, its like your building a form with mathematical accuracy. Thank you!

  2. PERFECT 👏👏👏 !!! I love the acoustic version .. ❤️🎹🎶 ..

  3. Muchas Gracias 😊 Preciosas Melodías Para Sentirlas En Nuestras Vidas 👏👏👏💖

  4. Well, you have a great musical experience, mr. Jacob.
    It’s marvelous ✨️ 😌
    Greetings from India

  5. Благодарю, Маэстро, музыка и исполнение божественны!

  6. Люблю ваше творчество!💟💯🌹🌿

  7. My most bitter regret in life, I should have started learning piano when I was young!

    Heavenly instrument 🎹

    1. Sinto o mesmo.
      Mas ainda não desistir de aprender a tocar piano. Tem um ano que comprei um barato. É muito difícil aprender mas estou indo bem , apesar de ter mes 47 anos.

  8. Хорошая музыка лечит лучше любых таблеток.. как всегда великолепно, спасибо.

  9. Amazing stuff as always. If you can, can you cover Wandering, moments, and A Farewell Melody if you can?

  10. every morning when i start my day at the office, when ambient is still quiet i listen to some of your melodies…Thanks Jacob

  11. This is wonderful, especially the song “Her” 💞✨
    Will you make a tutorial? 🥰

  12. Not only the piano playing is great, your compositions contain a tremendous amount of soulfulness involved. I’m really thankful if listening to your covers and please keep uploading. Best wishes for you! 🙏👏🎵

  13. Jacob , Ваша Музыка прекрасна . Ваша Музыка – очень красивая , Ваша Музыка – очень нежная ( Музыка для Сердца и для Души ) . Это так красиво !!!❤👋👋👋Ваша Музыка – это Музыка моей Души . Спасибо Вам .

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