A Quiet Night \ Original by Jacob’s Piano

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Musical composition: Jacob Ladegaard (Jacob's )
Performance: Jacob Ladegaard (Jacob's Piano)

A Quiet Night \\ by Jacob's Piano

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  1. 🎵I really hope you like this new original piece. I’m proud of having created this arrangement which includes so many new elements such as a celeste and other interesting sounds. It is *available for streaming* so you can already hear it on your favorite service (link in description). I hope you will save this to your playlists and share it with all your piano-loving friends! Thanks a million for your support every single day! /Jacob

    1. Oh~ look forward to it!
      Thank you always.
      I am healing by listening to your music every day..💓

  2. I have had Sedatephobia all my life and my cure is music and/or comedy with my headphones in 16-18 hours a day. You are my go to for music and I simply can’t verbalize how much I appreciate your originals, they are just so calming and I always love to add to the collection. Such talent. ~ Sarika

  3. This is such a wonderful piece, Jacob! It brings all who hear it into a fantasy world. Absolutely amazing! ❤❤❤

  4. Mükemmel bir başyapıt ☺️🎶çok güzel heyecanla bekliyordum

  5. Bardzo nastrojowy utwór.
    Twoja muzyka pozwala mi zapomnieć o trudnych chwilach, Jest naprawdę piękna 🧡🧡🧡

  6. Absolutely stunning! One of my favorite pieces ever! Such an amazing work Jacob 😍

  7. You won my heart in just couple of seconds. You farewell m still listening like everyday.

  8. With this you were allowed in the depths of my being. When you found yourself inside, you looked around and there you touched one by one, my pain that I have burried..thank you for which I hope are healing tears. Bless you❤️

  9. Wonderfull 😍🎶🎹!!! Thanks a lot for sharing your original pieces, I love them all 🙏 .. for me you are unique pianist, your original pieces are unchangable .. 👍👍👍🎶🎹👏👏 ..

  10. This is my second favorite instrument after Violin.
    I like your playing you’re the greatest pianist ever.

  11. Bravo Jacob’s, you are the best pianist for me my friend. Congratulations.

  12. Prezado Jacob, meus calorosos cumprimentos.
    eu sigo você a uns 3 anos, andei procurando musica piano que me fizesse encontrar meu divino ser e na busca encontrei exatamente o que procurava, tua maravilhosa expressão divina.
    muito obrigado por tudo o que crias por amor a nós, muito obrigado Jacob, por tudo 🙏🫂

  13. Sounds like a sad night to me
    Great piece
    Well done Jacob
    From Algeria, all support

  14. I was waiting to hear this since i saw the premier. This is another masterpiece by u. Its really beautiful. My eyes starts tearing when i hear ur music just bcs they r too beautiful. Thank you for these music. All the best for the upcoming tracks. 😊❤

  15. Congratulatons, Jacob. beautiful piece. I’ve only found you channel some weeks agom and i’ts inspiring for me, that i am learning to play piano, especially originals,☺

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