Abraham Lincoln Tribute – The Piano Guys (Official Video)

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Story Behind the Tune

When I was a kid our household getaways were rarely a remote beach or a huge city. Instead, we 'd holiday in Gettysburg! Or Self-reliance Hall. Why? My Father liked history. He desired us to find out and like it a lot, that he 'd print out homespun quizzes for us to sleuth out while at an archaeological site with a guaranteed reward of a prize to whoever might get a "passing grade." I remember running from location to position at each site we 'd go to, seeking out the people who were dressed up like they were from history itself to assist me. They constantly understood the responses. I promised to share my sweet prize with them in exchange for their services. I confess, at the time, I didn't appreciate what my dad was trying to do for me. And now, I acknowledge the worth in a daddy aiming to instill in his son a love for the significant occasions of yesterday that permit us to take pleasure in the liberties of today.

When the American Museum of American Religion asked if we 'd make up a piece of music for their display surrounding Abraham Lincoln and some of his story, my father would never forgive me if I were to say no!

I enjoy Abraham Lincoln. I like his effective, genuine style, his nerve, his humility in giving the splendor to God, and his perseverance in striving for what is right.

He liked the tune "Battle Hymn of the Republic"– it was composed to encourage males and females to offer to stand and defend the union of the nation and the freedom of all humankind. When Lincoln first heard the piece carried out with full orchestra and choir, he stood and wept, halting the show for an individual request to hear it again.

The most powerful line in the hymn: "As He died to make males holy, let us live to make men totally free."

I wished to write a really various plan of this hymn. Usually it is carried out in very grand style, with powerful voices, brass and crashing cymbals. I wanted, instead, to represent the pensive nature of President Lincoln. His deeply spiritual side. The part of him that found a method to draw strength again and again from a wellspring of resilience throughout the most dissentious time of America's history.

What to listen for in the piece:
The number of crucial changes do you hear? This represents the turbulent unpredictability of the 1860's.
Can you hear a fragment of another well-known hymn that was composed around the same time?
When the tune of the hymn is presented in a minor key, opposite of its original setting, I hope you can envision the pain Lincoln felt as he lost his sweet young boy Willie, at 11 years of ages, ideal in the middle of the civil war. This occasion almost ruined Lincoln, however rather galvanized his faith and determination to see the concepts of freedom through.

We would like to thank THIS IS THE PLACE HERITAGE PARK for generously hosting our music video. They rolled out the red carpet for us and were so kind to open their amazing place to us. If you are anywhere near Utah, this location MUST go on your pail list. It is a matchless place to make memories, feel linked to history, and get a better appreciation for our heritage.

About The Piano Guys:
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Abraham Lincoln – The Piano Guys (Official Video)

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