Attack on Titan OP7「The Rumbling」Full Ver. Piano Cover | The Final Season Part 2 OP | Ru’s Piano

」Full Ver. Piano | Part 2 OP | Ru’s Piano

Attack on Titan OP7「」Full Ver. Piano | Part 2 OP | Ru's Piano

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  1. Rumbling, Rumbling, it’s coming! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)👣👣💥
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  2. 哼哼!沒想到我連完整版都這麼快釋出吧?
    這次就由女巨人 – 亞妮 帶給大家超熱血的「The Rumbling」完整版鋼琴演奏♬

    地鳴將至,我將踏平島外的一切生命 (๑•̀ㅂ•́)👣💥💥!

    hummm! Did you not expect my full version to be released so quickly?
    This time, the female titan – Annie will bring you the super hot-blooded “The Rumbling” full version piano performance♬

    The rumbling is coming, I will step on everything outside the island to the ground (๑•̀ㅂ•́)👣💥💥!

  3. Esperando otra fantastica interpretacion y arreglo como los que siempre haces, seguramente sera genial!!!

  4. Annie is back 🤩🔥
    Amaaaazing music and cosplay! My favorite opening.

  5. Legaia 2 duel Saga Main Menu paino Cover, Gundam Build Fighters try Cerulean paino Cover, Gundam build Divers Rearise paino Cover. eu Desejo-lhe muito sucesso e grandes conquistas

  6. 這是好漂亮的女巨人出現,而且還會彈奏好聽的鋼琴。

  7. I can’t wait for RuRu to perform tonight with the full version of “The Rumbling” by SiM. I hope SiM members can watch this video. At least one personnel and even then the vocalist.

  8. Прекрасный перфоманс, прослушала на одном дыхании. Все что Вы делаете достойно только похвалы и оваций. Жду больших подобных исполнений👏🏻💜

  9. RuRuさん

    The RumblingのFull版


  10. 地鳴太震撼了,mappa太神了,亞妮終於回歸了,沒想到亞妮彈鋼琴也這麼好聽威)🤣🤣

  11. Спасибо за эти минуты наслаждения

  12. Perfect 🥰 the Piano version just suits the dark and forboading atmosphere the song creates. Very well done 👏 😁

  13. As usual, your performance is amazing ~~
    I don’t like heavy metal because it’s mainly about shouting but I love your arrangement.
    Your beautiful interpretation and the beautiful notes from your piano make it very musical and pleasant to listen
    You did a great work !!
    Please keep it up !!!

    1. Thank you for the compliment! I’m glad you always support my arrangements

    2. I feel very sorry for you if you can only hear shouting when listening to heavy metal my man…. My condolenses
      You can think it’s mainly about shouting but you cannot objectively say that if you really know that music style but I guess you don’t because… well, of what you said. Peace

  14. It must be hard to play with her hands covered with the outfit. Its slippery… anyway i love it. Ive just known the full vers has come out

  15. Este video esta increible, eres fenomenal con el piano, sigue haciendo mas videos xfa 👍🥰

  16. Я обязательно посмотрю это аниме! Ведь музыка в этом аниме это нечто особенно если она исполнена в живую😇

  17. Que grande Ru Ru vistiendote del titan hembra👏👏
    Impresionante interpretacion del opening🤗❤🌷

  18. The piano gives a big change to the piece, It sounds beautiful as always, and the end really fascinated me 😊😇🎶

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