Attack on Titan Season 4 (Final Season) Part 2 ED – “Akuma no Ko” (Piano)


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Hey men,.
Here is my of the Shingeki no Kyojin Season 4 Part 2 Ending Style!

And as constantly, delight in!

Tune Title: Akuma no Ko ().
Original Artist: Ai Higuchi ().

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Attack on Titan Season 4 () Part 2 – "Akuma no Ko" (Piano)

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  1. Yoo this is soothing and relaxing at the same time. It literally sends you to another dimension every note you play

  2. *OH, HECK YEAH.*

    I see Fonzi? I click.

    I see this song? I click.

    I see Fonzi playing this song?

    *I’M ALREADY THERE,* lol.

  3. Sheet Music & Streaming/Download Links coming soon!
    Easing back into regular uploads, gonna try posting every 2 weeks!

  4. Was in a middle of exercising and stopped to watch this xD.

    I love how everyone has a different style to do the three hand technique for the verse.

    I love your pre chorus but the way you switch up the left hand right hand doing the melody for the verse is superb.

    Simple but beautiful

  5. Bravo!! It’ll be so nice for more and more folks to learn this gorgeous song.

    And this is a minor detail, but the colors used here really suit the mood for the song. Usually I wouldn’t take special notice of that, but it just seemed extra fitting. I wouldn’t necessarily think in terms of “What colors are this song?” …But those were it, haha!

  6. I’ve waited so long for your cover of this, the ending was so delicate too. Amazing job

  7. This is awesome! Ive been working for like a month now on that begining with the 2 different voices! It’s so hard but I’ll get it surely!

  8. “This World Is Cruel, And It’s Also Very Beautiful.”
    Mikasa Ackerman

  9. This song makes me so emotional and sentimental every time I listen to it

  10. I’m not one to comment on videos very often but I love how you never fail to make the vocal melody really sing in your covers! Given that you started off as a singer, it’s not really surprising but I think your performance of this song really showcases your performing strengths at its peak. I like how this arrangement doesn’t sound very cluttered unlike some other covers I’ve heard, and the dynamics and subtle crescendos and decrescendos throughout was perfectly done!

  11. My man really taking his time for this one, my most fav ED to date

    But damn was the wait really worth tho after hearing that chorus

  12. Beautiful ending + extraordinary done to perfection, what else can u ask!! love it when fonzi uploads

  13. FINALLY!! I was waiting for your cover! Amazing as always. Keep up the good work! 👏 👏 👏

  14. Absolutely. Fantastic. Love how you use the arpeggios in the 2nd part of the verse to raise the stakes and build up the tension to the chorus. And the 3 hand technique in the 1st part of the verse was perfect, simple yet satisfying. And that chorus was just *chefs kiss*. Really awesome seeing you develop as an arranger man, might be my favourite from you so far. Are you planning on doing a full cover at all? I think I and many others would love to hear it tbh

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