Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba OP | EASY to EXPERT


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Hey men,.
Here is my of the Satanic force Slayer OP in 5 levels of problem!

And as constantly, delight in!

0:00 Level 1: EASY.
0:16 Level 2: BEGINNER.
0:29 Level 3: INTERMEDIATE.
0:43 Level 4: HARD.
0:57 Level 5: SPECIALIST.

Song Title: Gurenge ().
Initial Artist: LiSA.

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    1. Please do “Cynthia no Hikari.” It’s the OP of “SAO Lost Song”

  1. “Those who regretted their own actions, I would never trample over them. Because demons were once human too. Just like me, they were human too.” – Tanjiro

  2. I can almost play hard version, i trained with your videos so thanks YOU BZHRJABFBABF

  3. The amount of new techniques he’s added into this, i absolutely love your methods of how u go about approaching a song💯 so much emotion conveyed my god😂 would love to learn from you

    Edit: I tried to make a cover for this song years ago on my channel but didn’t get much time to using that borrowed piano😅 practice piano

  4. Im loving these new vids, the little details your adding to these songs is very interesting and fun to listen to. I love the arpeggios and other little bits of your style that you incorporated into the song

  5. Heyyy fonzi. As always another great arrangement. when it comes to anime on the piano you’re my inspiration, Keep up the amazing work <3👌😎💖

  6. Im kinda between intermediate and hard with my version. Added a lot of fonzis inital vid but for me playing chords with the right hand while playing the melodie as octaves on the right hand seens really hard

  7. Incredible!! You are so good at piano and it’s motivate me for progress In piano

  8. Could you upload more cover videos? I think there are a lot of new songs from this year that would deserve a cover from you.

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