I Asked YouTubers to Try Playing This on Piano…

F in the chat.

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YouTubers featured in order of appearance:
@Rui Ruii the Seal Pianist
@Fonzi M – Melodies on (me!)
@Narutee /
@Ru's Piano Ru味春捲
@Reiva Piano
@HalcyonMusic / ハルシオン Piano Covers
@Anime Pro – Anime on Piano
@zzz – Anime on Piano
@Velo City
@KitsuneMelodies – Anime On Piano
@Miori Ch. ミオリ・セレスタ 【Tsunderia】

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I Asked YouTubers to Try Playing This on Piano…

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  1. Be sure to go check out everyone in the video, their channels are in the description!
    (F for those who don’t read the description)

  2. This might simply be your most ambitious collaboration yet

  3. The editing of this video is really cool and fun! Perfect for April Fool’s Day 😆

  4. This was a pretty good collab..
    Wouldn’t mind more collabs on more songs you know😏😏

  5. Fonzi, don’t forget to play your lie in april songs for this month 🙂

  6. Glad I could join this amazing collab! Absolutely magnificent to see all the pianists come up with creative arrangements!

  7. if you guys want a tutorial for my part it’s: ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

  8. It turned out interesting.) Thank you so much for lifting the mood, Fonzie, otherwise it was a little sad)

  9. This was pretty hilarious. The collab no one asked for but the one we needed

  10. If only the piano keys went from A to Z, you could have had the sheet music just say April Fools.
    Then they could use it to reply, if they actually got the message.
    Would they get April Fooled or are they actually smart?
    We can only imagine.

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