Kimi no Na Wa (your name.) OST 「Nandemonaiya」 Piano Cover/ RADWIMPS

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I've played this song many times during live streams, but I've never made a proper video for it.

"Nandemonaiya" is the theme song from the movie ". (Kimi no na wa)". It is played during the end credits.

It is a very beautiful song and I hope you enjoyed my !

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Q: Where can I buy the piano?
A: The piano model is Roland JUNO-DS88. The MIDI display was made using effects, not a real screen.
このピアノはRoland JUNO-DS88 です。ピアノの前にある映像は加工です。

Piano synthesizer: Roland JUNO-DS88
Sound library: Garritan CFX
VFX software: Embers ( ), Adobe AfterEffects

▼ Credits
歌 / Performed by:RADWIMPS
作曲 / Composed by:野田洋次郎 / Yojiro Noda
ピアノアレンジ / Piano arr.:HalcyonMusic

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Kimi no Na Wa (.) OST 「Nandemonaiya」 Piano Cover/ RADWIMPS

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  1. Thank you for bless our days with your beautiful piano as always legend
    Me & my friends always love
    Kimi no nawa songs besides angel beats

  2. Brings back nostalgia when I 1st watched this, I was just a kid and this was the 1st anime I ever watched and I cried, thank you for that

  3. It’s a very nice arrangement and wonderful to listen to~ Makes me want to rewatch the movie 🙂

  4. Cool! I thought you weren’t planning on doing a cover of this. Thank you, it’s appreciated<3

  5. Thx for the perfect release time cause i need something relaxing to listen to before sleeping also can you pls do the komi cant communicate op’s cause i also need something for when i need to bust a move

    1. I did the OP themes for Komi-san for both seasons! You can look it up on my channel.

  6. いつも作業用bgmとして使わせて頂いてます

  7. Woah! can’t be better!thanks brother for always just spreading calmness with your lovely compositions of this anime music

  8. Your Name…
    This is probably the first anime movie which leads me to anime. Without “Your Name”, I would never have discovered the japanese culture and the anime community. The day I watched the movie, it woke me up and made me realize what I had forgotten. I was just in high school but I was alone. I discovered that I could feel emotions and since that day I wasn’t insensitive anymore. I cried with all my heart during this movie and during the whole day after. I just couldn’t explain to my parents what I felt that day. I couldn’t talk.
    And now, I watched the movie 5 times already and it’s my favorite movie all time and probably one of my favorite japanese shows.
    Thanks to “Your Name”, I started to watch anime and I discovered some good shows like Idoly Pride or Revue Starlight. I also met friends so i’m not alone anymore.

    I know that I wasn’t here for your streams recently and I’m really sorry about that. I hope I could be here for your next stream ^^

    Thank you so much for this wonderful cover :3

    (PS : “Your Name” will be forever in my heart)

  9. Thank you for bring me back the time I watched kimi no nawa. It was give me a really warm feeling.

  10. Absolutely Amazing! I love how tranquil the music is, and you really brought out the feels that it had when I first watched the movie. An extremely accurate interpretation of the original song. Well done halcy!

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