Netflix Anime “maboroshi” Theme Song – “Shin-on” – Piano Cover / Miyuki Nakajima

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I watched the movie "" today on Netflix. The movie is directed by Mari Okada, who is also known for her screenplay works on Anohana, Toradora and many others.

The is produced and animated by MAPPA. Miyuki Nakajima, who wrote and performed the theme song, is also one of the most acclaimed singer/songwriters in Japan.

I think it is a really beautiful movie with a bittersweet ending. The theme song is also very emotional and powerful. The lyrics resonates even more after finishing the movie.

0:00 Intro
0:21 Verse A
0:42 Verse A (2)
1:03 Verse B – a harmony shift that leads into C♯ minor…
1:23 Verse C – … but instead goes back to E♭ minor.
1:44 Chorus
1:55 Transition

2:11 Verse A (3) (Instrumental) – using octaves to mimic the richness of cellos
2:32 Verse A (4)
2:54 Verse B (2) – a subtle emphasis in the left hand
3:14 Verse C (2)
3:35 Chorus (2)
3:45 Transition

3:56 Verse C (3) – a triumphant key change up a half step
4:17 Chorus (3)
4:38 Chorus (4) (Instrumental)
5:00 Outro
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▼ Credits
Netflix Anime Film "maboroshi" Theme Song

歌 / Performed by:中島みゆき / Miyuki Nakajima
作曲 / Composed by:中島みゆき / Miyuki Nakajima
ピアノアレンジ / Piano arr: HalcyonMusic

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Netflix Anime "maboroshi" Theme Song – "Shin-on" – Piano Cover / Miyuki Nakajima

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  1. Thank you again for your wonderful performance❤I have respected you for a long time. When you cover a song, do you listen to the chords yourself or look them up on the web?

    1. I listen to the chords myself first. Sometimes I cross check with someone to see if I made any mistakes 🙂

    2. @@HalcyonMusic Thank you for your reply 😊 Your creativity is amazing and I will continue to support you!

  2. What a beautiful song, thank you for doing the cover! I’ve been obsessed with it ever since I watched the first few trailers

  3. アリスとテレスのまぼろし工場の主題歌…!あかん嬉しすぎます、ありがとうございます
    Thank you very much!

  4. Oh I loved this movie alot and especially the ost was done so well love the main theme of the movies its also called maboroshi if you can I’d love to hear that on the piano 😩

  5. I just watched the movie it was beautiful and the music at the end was so good and now I’m watching this Video and it’s good❤

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