Now We Are Free / Honor Him (from “Gladiator”) \ Hans Zimmer \ Jacob’s Piano

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Musical composition: Hans Zimmer
Arrangement & Performance: Jacob Ladegaard (Jacob's Piano)

/ (from "") \\ Hans Zimmer \\ Jacob's Piano

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  1. 🎵 I’m so happy to once again share some of Hans Zimmer’s incredible music. And I have very good news – there’s a whole series of Hans Zimmer videos coming over the next period. My goal with this series is to create some soft intimate versions of Hans Zimmer’s most recognizable melodies, recorded on my acoustic piano. Be sure to hit the bell so you’ll get notified about new releases!

    These recordings will be released for streaming in a compiled album once the last video has been released on YouTube. Expect it to be in around 2 months from now 🙂 Also, links for sheet music and the MIDI file are available from the description.

    A huge thanks to all of you for your wonderful support! Best, Jacob

  2. The management of light in this video is masterful, thank you so much🙂

  3. Each of your performances is magnificent, I love it very much, and this is no exception! You always save me..❤..Thank you, this is amazing..💖

  4. IT’s beautiful 👏👍🎶❤️ .. and the whole atmosphere with the light and the play on acoustic piano is PERFECT 👏👏👏.. Thank You 🙏❤️🎶🎹

  5. Ich liebe die Art und Weise, wie Du die Stücke spielst. Ich finde Deine Interpretationen immer wunderschön und ich höre sie lieber, als die Originale. Du spielst ruhig und gefühlvoll, einfach wunderschön ❤

  6. I truly thank you and your fingertips full of feelings for the timeless piece. Your piano truly takes us to high levels of heaven, the wonderful Jacob!

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