She asked “Do you know Chainsaw Man OP” and this happened… | KICK BACK in public


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Hey men,.
Here is my plan of the Chainsaw Guy Theme, !

And as always, enjoy!

Song Title: SIT BACK.
Initial Artist: ().

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She asked "Do you know Chainsaw Man OP" and this happened… | in public

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    1. Please Play more in Public, you can Play anything, I Love listening to your pieces!!!

  1. “I’ve decided to play it” u say it as if u are a beginner. SIR U ARE TOO GOOD ❤

    1. I just meant that they asked for a Chainsaw Man song so I decided to play the OP haha 😅

  2. Finally the return of public piano vids I have been waiting I hope you can make more of them they are my favorite type of your vids

  3. The condition of that piano has changed so much since your last public video😭
    Wish the centre tuned it more than one time a decade😩😵‍💫
    Nice to see the public videos to make a return 😎

  4. This is cool!! So glad to see live covers again. Are you going to be performing at SMaSH again this year?

  5. I found you by mere coincidence
    But I’m glad I subbed and stuck around, your work is beautiful ❤️✨️

  6. Honestly the fact that the piano is out of tune gives the song a whole different vibe and I like it.

  7. Slaying it as always 🙂 Btw, these vids where you are playing in public are so much fun! 😀 Will be waiting for Avid played like this xD

    Awesome performance man!
    Somebody gotta tune that piano tho ;_;

  9. cool to see that the kid at 2:24 knew the song and tapped his phone to the lyrics 😁

  10. you did not include her asking? Interesting to see older people asking for a newer anime & knowing what made them ask.

  11. Bro fonzi can you please explain how you got THIS GOOD at piano. I wanna get there some day

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