Telling Their Story – A look into a series on teenage resistance in Nazi Germany!

From the studio that brought the world broad phenomenon THE CHOSEN comes a new project, Truth & Conviction! This brand-new series follows the true story of three german teens who attempted to rebel against the Nazi regime, risking their lives for truth. Their compelling example influences us to do what is right, no matter the effects.

Hosted by director Matt Whitaker tune into this LIVE occasion to find out more about how you can support this interesting brand-new tv series! There will also be some familiar faces you may recognize.

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Disclosure: Reality & Conviction is "checking the waters" to assess investor interest in an offering under Regulation Crowdfunding. No cash or other factor to consider is being gotten, and, if sent out, will not be accepted. No deal to purchase the securities can be accepted and no part of the purchase cost can be received until the offering declaration is filed and just through an intermediary's platform. A prospective purchaser's sign of interest is non-binding.

Reality & Conviction has participated in a Campaign Booster and Loan Arrangement with Angel Studios, Inc. and approved Angel Studios a choice to distribute its series as consideration for Angel Studios providing a monetary loan as well as support and knowledge in the television/film production and marketing area while Fact & Conviction is attempting to raise cash to fund the production of the series. If Angel Studios works out the option to disperse Fact & Conviction, Angel Studios will share in the profits created by the series. Truth & Conviction might also use a part of the profits to pay back the loan from Angel Studios.

Telling Their Story – A look into a series on teenage resistance in Nazi Germany!

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  1. In today’s comment and cancel culture it is more important than ever to remember history the way it actually was.
    Many things of the past are not pleasant to recall, but are necessary to prevent them from happening again.
    We have all done things that were not our best moments in life, but we learn and make better decisions.
    Wisdom is only gained when knowledge and experience come together.🤙

    1. Humans have remembered War for 10,000 years and still 10,000 years later here we are still making War tell me again that remembering the past will change our way of doing things in the future?

    2. @Kyle B Absolutely!
      Good overcomes evil, yes.
      That does not stop people from doing evil, but eventually enough people stand up and overcome evil.
      There is no perfect solution or ideal world because someone always wants to be in control; however, even with all the different opposing leaders of the world today there is still a balance of limitation and consideration preventing extreme actions.
      You are certainly able to disagree as you already have, but history has actually proven this point time and again.🤙

  2. This is an amazing coincidence, considering that I finished a book based ON HELMUTH HUBENER and his rebellion TODAY.

    1. Hi Ian, this is Rainer Mueller from Hamburg, Germany. As church history advisor I am much interested in this book. Would you mind getting in touch with me directly?

    1. If you actually watch the video, you’ll find out why this was streamed to this Channel.

      Hint: 12:10

    2. @Tanner Robinson thanks. now that i have seen this i can watch the whole live now without worrying that this is a hacked scam thing.

  3. Absolutely love the idea, would definitely like to see the rest of the series. Proud of you for standing up for truth, never back down, never surrender.

  4. I’d love to see John/Steven compose and perform some part of the backing soundtrack for this story.

    My grandfather was a WWII veteran, and also of Jewish heritage.

    Strong connection to this story for sure.

  5. Such a sad and horrific time in our history. Not on,y in Europe, but Asia and South America as well. Over 120 million people dead at the hands of tyrannical ideologues.
    The learned men and the men with “skills” say a civil war is the worst thing that could happen in a country. History proves otherwise.

  6. My granpa was a “partigiano”, a man of the resistance here in Italy as soon as He was 18… He left two sisters home, no more parents and just a letter full of memories of football for his friends. He fought for freedom and independence, He killed and survived many nazi and fascist attacks… I remember him as the most courageous man I would ever known

  7. This sounds like a great idea! I’ve had the original documentary in my video library for years. I would express interest, but the webpage you showed is not disability-friendly (it has white text on a black background, which triggers migraines and prolonged blurred vision in those with a neurological sensitivity to inverted contrast). Nevertheless, I whole-heartedly wish you the very best on this project!

    1. Hello, that’s unfortunate. Have you tried installing the Dark Reader browser extension? It converts all web pages to dark, low-contrast versions and you can customise the colors as well. Might be a solution for the contrast sensitivity.

  8. What do you think you are doing posting this? People subscribe to you expecting music and then you just throw a huge pile of historical trauma at us without a warning? And no I will not watch this, just wanted to express my feelings. At first I thought your channel was hacked.

  9. Matt, as Church History Advisor located in Hamburg, I would love to meet with you while you are here in Germany. Can we arrange a meeting? Also, can we get in touch directly? We might be of help to you.

  10. Thank you for the courage to be a part of this. In this world of ambiguous morals, political double speech, and thought police censorship, thank you for promoting awareness of the history that warns us of the path we are on. Thank you for your voice of music and truth.

  11. This is a wonderful collaboration. It’s important to stand for truth and be united as people. I love stories from WWII. My grandpa served in WWII and I am always inspired by those who selflessly served. I’m looking forward to learning more.

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