What does the middle pedal do on a piano? #shorts

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# #middlepedal #shorts #funny

What does the middle pedal do on a piano? #shorts

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  1. Haha. Though for real mine does nothing. I opened the bottom panel and it’s not connected to anything lol

    1. Reserved for a super special extra feature that’s available on Limited Edition Premium models only! 😉

  2. I shouldn’t have let myself be jump-scared by this.

    I’ve had it happen to me all too often, after all.

  3. Can confirm, this is what it does. Oh, and it also dampens the sounds coming from the piano

    1. Well yes, but the far left pedal does it to a more drastic degree and makes the sound really, really soft. The middle pedal does the same thing, but to a much lesser degree.

  4. For anyone wondering, it moves the hammers slightly to the side so a softer portion of it hits the strings resulting in a quieter, more intimate sound.

    1. That’s the left pedal on my piano. On mine, the middle pedal sustains the notes I’m playing until I lift the pedal, so I can play new notes while still having the old notes going in the background. And my childhood piano, the middle pedal did literally nothing lol

    2. That’s how the left/soft pedal works on a grand (as opposed to an upright which just brings the hammers closer). The middle pedal works like the sustain pedal only for the keys pressed down when the pedal is depressed. So if I am playing middle C when the pedal is pressed for instance, then middle C will continue to sound while the rest of the keys behave normally until I release that pedal. I have heard that the middle pedal does something completely different for an upright piano though, so perhaps that is what the middle pedal does on an upright?

    3. @Ithenna I think you’re correct. I think the middle is often used when you want to play “bass” while playing, eg sustain a c bass note while tinkling around in a higher register.

  5. Well, that must explain why I never use the middle pedal! Seriously though, is there even a single piece out there that calls for it? Or a single musician who found a use for it?

  6. Made my day! As a pianist, I’ve had bad experiences (not unlike this one) with the middle pedal.

  7. It’s rare when someone says LOL that they actually laughed out loud.

    I really bloody laughed out loud.

  8. It’s an eject button in case of emergency, for example, critics trying to shoot the pianist down! ✈️😁

  9. No joke as a kid I swear I remember my Dad telling me that the emergency flashers in a car did this exact same thing. Not sure why lied to me.

  10. I need this thing just to catapult myself from my working desk once in a while

  11. For people genuinely wondering:
    • the left one, if there are three, moves the strings inside the piano so that when you hit the key, the hammer hits only 2 of the three strings for one note. This, in turn, makes the note sound slightly quieter.

    •the middle one completely muffled the sound, I don’t quite know how else to explain that.

    •the right pedal lets the sound ring longer, i.e. you can hear any keys played while holding this pedal down for a longer time period.

    Hope this helps!

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