Learn 4 Chords – Quickly Play Hundreds of Songs! [EASY VERSION]

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What's up my good friends! Today we're going to review 4 chords you can utilize even as a beginner to play hundreds of popular songs on . Now, this is the basic, simple piano variation. You might discover this in anywhere from one day to a week. Literally most novice's I have actually taught have discovered this thing in about 3 days!

We're going to simplify it by utilizing some Music Theory Hacks – Don't stress, you won't have to understand precisely how they work. Just like you don't need to comprehend electricity to use a light switch, you can just utilize these chords without comprehending any of the advanced theory behind them.

So first off, I'm going to show you the specific NOTES of the chords. Next (THIS IS IMPORTANT) we're going to go over the SYSTEM to learning them. A lot of newbie piano players don't drill in the chords correctly, and they end up annoyed and frustrated when it comes out sloppy, or when they can't get hands together. However we're going to get rid of that frustration by drilling it in step-by-step and utilizing some techniques and strategies implied to solidify it into your muscle memory (like "The Four Rhythms!").

And last but not least, we're going to discuss how to utilize "Cash Patterns" and "Money Variations" to take this pattern to the next level – basically, these are basic variations in rhythm and timing we can easily discover withOUT altering the notes themselves. And it can offer you a terrific method to enliven this chord progression when you utilize it in real tunes.

Oh, and sidenote: learning this can also help you start to establish some standard improv skills … so it resembles a 2 for 1!

Make sure you download the cheat sheet here to get going:.

1. Go here:.
2. Join your name and email (yes, it's truly totally free lol).
3. Scroll down to the bottom and click the "Learn 4 Chords Learn Hundreds of Songs" link.
4. Scroll down to "PDF Cheat Sheet" and click the link to get it! The extra resources and videos exist also.

Happy practicing!

– Zach.

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– Zach Evans.

Learn 4 Chords – Quickly ! [ VERSION]

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  1. That is, no kidding, possibly one of the best YouTube tutorial ever created. The teaching talent and passion you have is just off this planet.

  2. You know, the guy who made this is a great person, not only did he make the effort of making a YouTube channel to teach people, he went all the way and put his time into making his own website to teach people for FREE. He is selfless and one of the people on this earth who use their knowledge to help others, even if it’s through a screen and about piano, it doesn’t make a difference. But he makes a big one. 🙂

    1. @TechLink I really really hope he does! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 he deserves it!! 👏🏼

      I paid a one on one lesson with a tutor at £25/hour for my 8 year old at time he done it for 2 years ‘til the teacher said he’d rather wait until my son was interested.. 2 years to figure that out! 🤯 was an expensive lesson— for myself, that’s for sure 😂 and I believe that is actually a really reasonable rate 🤔 others quoted me more..

      Zack is just gifting knowledge, simplifying it to give everyone the chance of learning music ❤️ I love that the info is time efficient too, I truly appreciate that. He literally showed the worksheets mid video—viewers didn’t need to finish the video, which if that be the case I’m sure that would affect earnings (could be wrong ?) it says a lot about selflessness✌🏼

      I think he’s a perfect example of a person who has a love for music and wants to share so other people can have that too 🙌🏼🎶 giving opportunities to people who may not have any other options to learn be it any circumstance 🥰

      Let’s hope people subscribe and continue to watch his content — so he will earn from it 🤞🏼🙏🏻


  3. I decided to finally learn piano at 37 years old after yeeeeears of wanting to. It’s super intimidating, but your videos are great! I really appreciate that you offer free resources and classes! I also love your methodology and enthusiasm. This was super helpful. I’ll be doing it daily until I’m ready to move on. Thank you!

    1. Me too! I’m about to be 39 and I’m ready. I actually learned the chords by watching his video. Now I’ll practice daily until I can do this with my eyes closed before moving on to the next video.

  4. This was, by far, one of the most fun and effective tutorials I’ve ever come across! I went all the way through the lesson, and downloaded the course and printed the PDF! i can’t wait to practice again tomorrow and add in a little money. Looking forward to more!!! Thank you!

  5. I am 73 years old. Never learned the piano, even though my mom taught piano for more than 50 years — a big regret in my life. Decided to do something about it now. Your program is awesome! Thank you for putting so much on for free — to get a beginner started. Well done!!

    1. This made my day reading this – I hope your progressing well! 🙏🏻 It’s NEVER too late too learn anything! ✨

    2. @Amanda Dewar 🖤 I’m about half the age and don’t even own a piano, and I’m still learning…this guy is a gifted teacher, and an eloquent salesman, tbh. Refreshing.

    3. Totally agree! 🙏🏻

      I had my son taking piano & guitar lessons— the teacher was awesome, but it’s expensive especially when after nearly 2 years (at least 1 hour a week one to one) the teacher says he’d rather wait until my son was actually interested in the music (I thought I was giving him an amazing gift he could use for life as I know I wish I had the opportunity my son believes I was putting him through hell 🤯🤣 I guess we’ve gotta want to learn I suppose 🤷🏼‍♀️)

      this guy is giving away absolute gold for FREE! It’s amazing & has actually helped me go more rogue with melodies of my own. I’m a novice who looks up ‘easy’ songs I want to learn with the big 5 finger chords & it doesn’t end well 😳 .. the keyboard gets unplugged 🤨🤣

      Music should be fun! So this exact video helped bring that back for me & learn the basics needed to progress 🙌🏼🙌🏼🎶❤️

    4. Goodluck on learning sir😊 I’m 14 yrs old and I really wanted to learn how to play piano until I’m young so I can master it when I grew up and have something I can call my talent or hobby

  6. Thank you Zach for breaking it down. I’ve never made this much progress so quickly. I followed your instructions and paused the video to do the patterns you recommended. It works! Thank you.

  7. Zac, greetings from Ireland! I really appreciate the time and effort you have put into sharing your talent with us. At 60 I am finally overcoming my fear of failure and practicing on a piano that has not been touched since my daughter left home…. You have really simplified both theory and practice – I can’t thank you enough. ☘️

    1. Thanks so much
      Great teaching style
      I am like a lot of these old guys (57) as a kid I took 8 years of Toronto Royal Conservatory of Piano so I can read sheet music but my dear old church organ lady teacher pretty much ruined my joy and desire of Piano I don’t like classical all I wanted was the ability to jam in a rock band and sing I don’t have the talent to memorize or play by ear It is amazing how enjoyable those simple chords can be without getting bogged down with technical terminology
      I am working on a Floyd Cramer boogie Woogie Flip flop and bop and a Lady Gaga A Million Reasons and a Motown hit Sugar Pie Honey Bunch all them relatively simple chords Stuff like Don’t Stop Believing by Journey that’s where my musical soul lives

  8. Yes, I made it till the end! This is literally the second day I own a piano and I never thought I could learn playing with both hand in 30 minutes. Love the way you explain it. If I could follow it anyone could.

  9. Fantastic. Quick, enthusiastic and informative. I’ve been self learning for a year now and that lesson was one of the best. Thanks. X

  10. Hey Zach, just started today on this vid and it’s just great. Never played real piano before but this is going to be my goal the next months. Thanks a lot for this!!

  11. Thank you so much for sharing your talent. I’m 65 and have always wanted to play the piano. I’ve taken some lessons but it didn’t click in my head. So, I decided to try again and found you. Your style of teaching the piano is actually starting to make sense to me. I’m excited to do and learn more. Thanks again!

  12. Zac you inspire me to practice, practice, practice most times for 2 hours! I have advanced and it’s super easy now with variations. I am a senior who mostly taught myself the hard way till I discovered your tutorials. Playing the piano during lockdown inspired me to play songs to keep my pain at bay! Thank you for the free lessons, and your encouragement! You are awesome!

  13. Love your teaching style- you are a bien motivator! I’m 15:23 min into it and I’m sticking w it!

  14. Fantastic tutor and tutorial, Zach. The only thing, I would have liked, would have been show / speak of a couple very popular songs with these 4 chords (as an example.) But, man, I love the emphasis on building muscle memory. a BIG thank you.

  15. Thanks mate, with your enthusiastic teaching I’m going to have a real go at learning the basics of a Piano.
    You really know how most of feel when sitting down and looking at all those keys 😱.
    Keep up the great work, we all really appreciate your time and effort….🙌🏻

  16. I have to add my thoughts to everyone else’s about how great a learning experience this has been – I’ve rented my grand-daughters key-board off of her and I’m having a blast. Always wanted to learn the piano and now I’m retired – I’m discovering so many things to learn and explore. Thank You.

  17. Absolutely brilliant 💯I’ve been wanting to learn but could never get it down & this helped me to learn in a few days

  18. Hey Zach … I love your cap 🧢
    Also.. I’ve played for 30+ years
    Reading music
    Always wanted to learn chords
    But found it kinda complicated
    With majors and minors and #s

    I know You are definitely right on the money with the muscle memory technique
    I like your way of teaching chords
    So now … I might actually learn them
    Especially since it’s free
    Thanks Buddy

  19. I love this! I learned to chord years ago but always wondered how piano players made the chords sound so interesting. I have watched several of your videos and they are all super! This is my favorite! Thank you!

  20. Haven’t played piano for over 30’years and now I’m getting back into it. Your videos have helped and I trust your content so far but I’m sure you won’t disappoint and I will practice. Well done

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