MIXED NUTS – SPY×FAMILY OP [Piano] / Official HIGE DANdism

A really stylish individual is playing the .
That's it. That's the video description.

Coincidentally, the show outfit I am constantly wearing for my videos proves to be very helpful now and I can lastly feel the true meaning of "elegance" for the very first time. Thank you Spy X Family for informing me!

Mixed Nuts from Official Hige Dandism is a remarkably enjoyable piece to play on the and I merely love the groovy bassline of the song. As soon as once again, I tried to combine as lots of musical components from the original piece as possible without requiring more than 2 hands. (Sometimes I wish I have 3 hands though).

The beginning part in 0:08 (aka the car chase in the opening animation) is literally chaos incarnate on the piano and honestly, I have no concept what I was in fact playing … I actually wished to smash the keys arbitrarily however at the end I still produced some sort of a pattern. I think the inner perfectionism in me does not allow entirely randomized piano patterns after all, haha.

This piece is essentially a piano etude for the left hand due to the fact that of the fast octave bassline in 0:18 which needs a lot of stamina and focus to play. But I loved playing the octave bass line a lot I even played it once again for the last chorus in 2:46.

Among my favorite minutes in the plan is really the small top tune in 0:29. The pleasure and playfulness in this minute perfectly catches the positive nature of Anya from Spy X Household. I need to say, Official Hige Dandism is truly incredible for composing a tune, which fits completely well with the style of the .

Alright, thank you for checking out the video description for this week!
I still have not decided what I will submit as my next video but after recording this groovy plan I am more motivated than ever to create stylish plans!

See you next time again!

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Piano plan by Animenz.

Initial Song: MIXED NUTS.
Published by: PONY CANYON (2022 ).
Composed by: Official HIGE DANdism.
Carried out by: Official HIGE DANdism.
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#spyxfamily #mixednuts #officialhigedandism #higedan #SxF.

MIXED NUTS – SPY×FAMILY OP [Piano] / Official HIGE DANdism

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  1. Animenz is an amazing person, he can inspire people to play piano and inspire pianists to quit piano.

    1. ​@Animenz Piano Sheets My piano skills has increase very very much after I’d practiced Animenz’s”Kamado Tanjiro no Uta”for six months, that was a hard time for me,I had learned piano for only two years at that time.
      But thanks to Animenz I love playing piano very very much now.(so I think it’s a good thing….?🤣😂
      oh~ and I would really like to hear the piano cover of “takt op.Destiny” ‘s opening “タクト” It’s an anime about using music as power to fight with aliens and I love it very much.

    2. @Animenz Piano Sheets It’s a good thing. Discovering your channel, and coveting the musical freedom your musicianship and experience affords you was the deciding factor in my decision to attend conservatory for a Bachelors of Music in piano performance instead of getting a more conventional degree. I’m two years in and it’s probably the best decision I’ve ever made. Thank you. If anyone quits because of this music and how out of reach it seems, they were going to quit no matter what when confronted with something so impressive/challenging. You can hardly blame Animenz for that. Even if it was an absolute legend in question like Art Tatum or Martha Argerich, you still couldn’t blame even them.

  2. Animenz in animes
    Steins gate: Mad pianist
    Demon slayer: Piano hashira
    Attack on titan: Founding titan
    Spy X family: Very Elegant person

    1. Aot: “founding pianist”
      Spy family : ” elegantoo”
      Hotel trivago

    2. Agreed 100%
      An Elegant and mad pianist, who also happens to be the piano hashira and the founding Titan of anipiano.

  3. Oh my god! We never asked for this but we all wanted it! Animenz is not only a master class pianist but a mind reader too?

  4. (Sneaked a peek from bilibili xD) ✨WAKU WAKU✨

    Holy sheet the arrangement is 🔥. From the walking bass to the syncopation chords, everything sounds so nicely put together!

    This song felt hard to imagine on piano, but I really like this arrangement!

    1. One question (or maybe two) though: How long did you take to get this take with all the octave walking bass? And do you pay more attention to LH or RH in those sections?

    2. @YXY Piano Covers / Nayu During practice my entire focus was almost 99% on the left hand (you can also see it in the video: my head is always focused on the left hand in 0:18)
      The right hand is essentially playing blindly. This piece requires a lot of muscle memory, but once you pull it off, the satisfaction of the octave bassline is simply unbeatable!

    3. @Animenz Piano Sheets Haha, I saw that and was like :bigsweat:

      So how many takes was this haha

    4. @YXY Piano Covers / Nayu >So how many takes was this haha
      >answer: 👀

  5. This was such an _ELEGANT_ cover!

    One of the best OPs (imo) of this season and thanks for the great cover!:D

    _waku waku and peanuts ftw_

  6. cant imagine how tired animenz’s left arm would be after all those octave baseline hops
    side note: Thanks for the great premiere again animenz!

    1. I literally slept for 10 hours straight after my recording marathon. My left hand was pretty much dead after all that octave spamming, haha

  7. Damn, this enters in my top 10 best covers of yours hahaha, love this playing style!

    Do you mind sharing some peanuts? 👀

  8. 3:30
    Don’t forget to eat mixed nuts!
    They are very healthy for you! (Anya also agrees)

    1. アニメンズさんのエチュード🥳❗❗❗

    2. Would you be willing to cover the mushoku tensei ops? They are all very picture-esque, so its a real bummer that there are barely any covers of them

  9. This is indeed a wakuwaku animenz arrangent. How did this man… woah.. n that left hand went crazy in the beginning and the chorus. How long did it take you to arrange and record this?

  10. This makes me simply sooooo happy & excited! The moment I heard the intro at SPY×FAMILY Ep.2, I have been wondering how Animenz would do this one.
    To quote Anya-chan: “Waku Waku!”

  11. I love how you always use octaves instead of single notes for bass walks, very elegant I must say.

    1. At one point during arranging, I was like “how can I make the bassline even more powerful… oh right, octaves.”
      And then I added octaves 😎

    2. @Animenz Piano Sheets simple but genius ̄へ ̄
      Edit: but of course still extremely hard haha

  12. Oh god, the beginnig is fire. You’re always the best speaking about harmonies and rithm, Animenz, what a great performance! Greetings from Italy 🇮🇹

  13. what an *Elegant* piano arrangement!!

    Putting fast octave instead of imitating the walking bassline makes this arrangement more groovy than the original song
    *(Smart and elegant move there)*.
    The accompaniment in this arrangement is so satisfying to hear!!

    Since your not decided on your next arrangement, I hope that you will consider SPYxFAMILY ED (Comedy) or the EP5 OST (TBD) on your to-do-list.

  14. It honestly just feels amazing watching and listening to Animenz play. Every refined detail in how he arranged which notes he’s decided to hit to how long or soft he’s playing it. Crazy as a pianist knowing I’ll never be as good as you, but at the very least I want to get as close as possible to playing and hopefully arranging the way you do.

  15. I was wondering how you’d play the very beginning bit of the OP as it just doesn’t translate very well onto Piano (other YouTubers videos tend to reflect this), but you absolutely nailed it anyway, bloody legend!

    Can’t wait for the ED (please do the ED next)!

  16. what a *fun* cover! I love the smattering of CRUNCHY dissonant MIXED chords (like 1:58) and it’s NUTS how smoothly you roll through the walking bass octaves.

  17. This is really amazing. You really inspire me to play the piano, and with every upload, you encourage me more and more. I really appreciate the work you do for us, to give us amazing arrangements. Thank you, Animenz for your hard work.

  18. I used to play the piano because I was forced to, but a few years ago when I first heard animenz play the piano, I was impressed and it made me want to play the piano for me. Now I can enjoy play the piano. thank you animenz!!!!

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