The Rumbling – Attack on Titan Final Season OP [Piano] / COMING FOR YOU

So here it is, the last opening song for the whole Anime series: "The Rumbling" from SiM! This piece offered me unique obstacles on the due to the fact that how does one organize a metalcore music on a single ? Sometimes, I feel like even 88 secrets are not even enough.

However prior to I continue, I want to ask you something: Doesn't the melody in 0:08 sound really comparable to Grieg's "In the Hall of the Mountain King" style? And not just that, the string melodies in 0:14 likewise reminds me of the main melody in Dvorak's "From the brand-new world" symphony (the fourth movement). Actually an insane coincidence, since Eren himself wishes to produce a "brand-new world" in a way …

Some key points of this plan:

These aggressive roaring vocals found in metal music are nearly difficult to reproduce on the piano however I still required these voices in order to totally reproduce the initial song. I believe the very best method is to just create a fitting melody out of the growling vocals while keeping the rhythm. I "translated" the growling vocals into a middle voice in 0:41 for instance.

② 2:04 Beethoven joins "the Rumbling"
This is something I rarely carry out in my plans: I reharmonized the whole bridge part of the initial tune and just kept the primary melody undamaged. The reason is because no matter how difficult I try, I could not fully duplicate the sheer intensity of the hardcore metal in the bridge part with all the guitar riffs and shouting. That's why I had the concept to produce an alternative chord development in order to make the bridge part preferable for being played on the piano. I likewise quoted a little bit Beethoven's "Appassionata" Sonata No. 23 in the left hand in 2:04, because I really like these wavy motions and they sound almost "apocalyptic" to me (plus, they are in the same F minor key).

③ 2:44 "If I lose it all, slip and fall".
I absolutely enjoy the peaceful tune prior to the last chorus in the original song but I want the quiet minute of self-questioning might have lingered a little bit longer in the music. That's why I included an additional musical accumulation in 2:59 due to the fact that absolutely nothing is more rewarding than playing an insane crescendo and after that finally hammer the final chorus in 3:11.

All in all, this tune is probably the "heaviest" plan I have actually done in a while and I can not wait to see the rest of ! With that said, thank you for reading this week's "Animenz Describes!" I hope I can see you in my next video once again! It's going to be an OST from again.

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Piano plan by Animenz.

Initial Tune: The Rumbling.
Anime: Assault on Titan Final Season (Part 2).
Released by: PONY CANYON (2022 ).
Made up by: SiM.
Carried out by: SiM.
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#AOT #AttackOnTitan #Rumbling #FinalSeason.

The Rumbling – Attack on Titan Final Season [Piano] / SiM

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  1. You could say that this time Animenz’s fingers are Rumbling, Rumbling on the piano.

  2. I’ve been waiting for your piano arr of this song for 2000 yrs. Finally, it’s here!

  3. I am ready, to see someone plays this piece without any mistake in the next 72 hours

  4. just wanna appreciate that i was born in a time where i can experience a masterpiece era defining show come to an end, an banger op that fits the themes of its ending perfectly, and a piano god who can arrange and perform said op with legendary grandiose and flair

  5. when it all ends, we bid farewell to one of the most iconic series ever made in our life time…

  6. This song is sooo hard for piano though, but the master of all instruments always finds a way, by the pianist

  7. Another rumbling perfomance , it seems you practiced for 2000 years 😅
    Loved your crescendo that starts on 3:00

  8. Yooo the left hand rhythm at 3:37 goes so hard!!!Super addictive, really got me headbanging😂

  9. I love how Animenz can make you give up all hope of learning his arrangement in 10 seconds. Even though I’ve been playing piano for almost 10 years lol

  10. 02:04 that “Vogel im Kafig” vibes there are stunning. Thank you Animenz for arranging the song with the original backstory in it ( ^-^)/

    1. Hope you can play unravel once more 😭💕 or senbonzakura (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و

    2. アニメンズさんのアレンジと🎹奏でる音が大好きです😆✨これらに代わるものは絶対にありません✨そして時間をかけて説明文を書いて創造の過程を見せてくれます❗そして1曲づつ大切に一緒に視聴してくれます👀👂✨アニメンズさんのアレンジは年月を経てリメイクされるものもあるし、進化し続けて最後に楽譜で残ります❗そしてこの進撃の巨人と同じく、アレンジにシリーズや、バージョンが多数あります😂そしていつも最新です✨😌こんな魅せ方をしてくれるアーティストは他にいません🌟

  11. Actually amazing you managed to arrange a song like this to the piano and still have it sound really good!

  12. the three hand from 3:40 was so damn cool. thanks for taking the time to arrange this, it shows through. Your recent arrangements have been peak animenz.

  13. Я ждала именно от вас! Великолепно как всегда! Спасибо!

  14. Eren may be the story writer, protagonist and antagonist but he’ll never replace Animenz at being the best piano cover artist.

  15. Honestly, after the finale ends, you should make a livestream dedicated to your AoT covers!!

  16. This is just as mindblowing as the series is. Thank you for sharing these pieces of art with us🤯

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