Shukusei!! Loli God Requiem☆ | EASY to EXPERT


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Hey guys,.
Here is my plan of the viral tune, Loli Kami Requiem in 5 levels of trouble!
Unique thanks to @Amarynn_ for doing the voice acting at the end!

And as always, enjoy!

0:00 Level 1: EASY.
0:07 Level 2: AMATEUR.
0:18 Level 3: INTERMEDIATE.
0:24 Level 4: HARD.
0:36 Level 5: EXPERT.

Tune Title: Shukusei !! Loli God Requiem (!! ). Initial Artist: Shigure Ui() 9. ——————————————-. Download my MIDI files through Patreon:.
SHEET MUSIC: None available (Coming Soon).

I didn't write any for this . ——————————————-. #LoliGodRequiem #ShigureUi #Piano # #LoliKamiRequiem #VTuber #IOSYS. * Affiliate link.

Shukusei!! Loli God Requiem☆ | EASY to EXPERT

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  1. Most people dont know what they’re jamming to when they listen to this 💀

  2. Didn’t like the song but man the dance animations is insane I’ve been watching the edits over and over

  3. I have no idea what this is or were it came from and I’m scared to find out but regardless, I’m vibing HARD!!!

  4. Loved this so much I spontaneously sat down and memorized the whole thing in one sitting!
    I’m in the Fonzi phase rn, more than half of the stuff I play regularly are your arrangements! They are just so much fun to play, perhaps because they are now just about the right difficulty level for me to be challenging, yet still sound like I’m actually playing music. Working full time now I simply don’t have the time left anymore to spend hours practicing Animenz or Pianeet arrangements that are far beyond my current capability, so yours are just perfect for me rn, quick to memorize and a blast to practice/play! Many thanks 🙏
    They’re also helping me get more accurate with jumps and staying in rhythm, I can actually feel myself improving c:

  5. This is the best piano cover for this song I’ve seen out of all the others!! This is a master piece

  6. Damn, the song is really good. Is it from an anime?
    How has this gone under my radar, it looks amazing. That animation was cool too. What anime?

  7. Looked up the lyrics after watching this and it was nothing like what I expected 💀

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