God Will Provide: 3 Hour of God’s Promises | Prayer & Meditation Music

35+ guarantees of God for arrangements and wonders with music by DappyTKey
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: 3 Hour of God's Promises | Prayer & Meditation Music

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  1. God bless everybody in everything you do. Please, I humbly beg your kind hearts for some prayer assistance to my daughter to secure a stable/permanent job as she is a single mom and really struggling. I believe in the power of prayers. With this, I am truly grateful and again a millions thanks. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.💖💖💖

    1. I prayed for her, may Father God bring stability to her situation and may she know that Father God loves his children. May he give you peace as well. I ask for this in the mighty name of Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ.

    2. @sharon spencer thank you so much for the thoughts & care and God bless you and family a million folds. Again, thank you.

    3. God bless you and your daughter. I was in similar situations. The stress and fear is far worse than if I starved! Worry is a lack of faith and a sin. I have since learned to let go and let God (mostly….still have my moments!). If your daughter works hard, and does not do unwise things on the back end……and trusts in God……she will be fine. 
      God wills it. Look at the sparrow….the lilies…..etc.

  2. Amen 🙏God is a Waymaker he will provide need this this week.

  3. Hello everyone, Hope this is a blessing and an encouragement to you. Please remember to Subscribe & share with others. Thank you

  4. I pray with his melody and the Holy Spirit loves it. I feel his presence and the prayer gets more deep. You feel relax and the conversation with my Lord gets so humbly and Wonderful.

  5. Baltimore 🌹 Maryland
    September 4 the.
    Abba Father Will
    🌹 Provide 🌹

  6. Brother,
    I’ve been listening every night for a few years. Have been bi-vocational minister 33 years. Abba placed a revolutionary invention in our hands five years ago. Through loss of my Brother, my own cancer, covid taking ex wife mother of children…money has only gone out.

    Your music has been a platform of Holy Spirit ministry to me during this time. By the way, HEALED of colon cancer HALLELUJAH!! My doctor told me so in agreement with The Word.

    Our share of profits is dedicated to the widow, orphan, and stranger among us…homeless and refugees. Pastor David Okumgba, whom I served as associate pastor 20 years ago… two days ago prophesied that the launch capital will come this week in the name of Jesus, and you have confirmed that in Jesus name. Glory to God.

  7. Good evening Brother Tim, thank you for this special time with you. Always beautiful…

  8. Hallelujah 🔥 one of my favorites 🙌 Jesus you are the air I breathe. Thanks Tim for this beautiful masterpiece it has revived my soul. Praise to the King🕊🙌

  9. Thank you again for this anointed music. Excited you’re getting closer to 1 million subscribers!

  10. FATHER, I AM GRATEFUL. This is so LOVELY and it is the icing at the end of my day. Tim, thank you for surrendering yourself unto our GOD, the MOST HIGH. In JESUS MATCHLESS NAME 🙌🙏💞😇💃🤗

  11. Your channel is such a continuous means of comfort, relaxation, and a pleasant ambience to focus on and commune with our great God and Savior Jesus Christ 💯

  12. Wonderful worship music. I often play your music during my prayer and devotion time in the morning. I sit by my kitchen window and it plays as my neighbours walk by. So many are touched and healed by this worship. Thank you🙏🏽🕊

  13. Bless you for the sharing of scripture & music. Reminding of love of Christ as I took sleep. 🙏

  14. What a sweet inspiration as you usher me into the presence of the Lord with your heavenly music 🎶 and the powerful promises of God, thank you God’s grace be with you 🙌📖

  15. Thank you! Your music always helps to usher in the Holy Spirit. It responds to it. God chose you 🙏 ❤️ 😊

  16. Your music is very calming and relaxing. It would be wonderful to have it on a CD or thumb drive.

  17. I love all your music. It is beautiful and gives a sweet calmness in a time of trouble in the world. Thank you for giving it. I feel the love of God from it. You truly walk in love by doing so. Lord reward you❣️🥰🤗🌹

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