Welcome back, sensei !!
The manga of Hunter x Hunter is finally continuing again and to commemorate this historic moment, I just HAD to organize my favorite ending tune from the HxH anime: ! The hype is genuine, everybody!

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I am likewise looking forward to performing in Dubai in two weeks! Actually thrilled to satisfy all my fans there!
( ↓ more details in the most recent YouTube Community post).

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Piano plan by Animenz.

Original Tune: / .
Released by: SENHA & Co. (2013 ).
Composed by: YUZU.
Performed by: YUZU.
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  1. I can’t wait to hear the arrangement. Keep doing what you’re doing, you are the shining light of the anime piano community and we all hope that one day, this genre will be widely accepted as a legitimate genre to be frequently played at concerts. And when that happens, everyone will be playing your arrangements!

  2. Never ever did I think he’d do this arrangement. I feel immensely lucky to be alive to witness this

    1. We definitely live in the best timeline. HxH manga continues, Spice and Wold S3 is coming and Nier Automata gets an anime adaption.

  3. After learning the lamento version, I am delighted to be able to hear the main ending from the best.

  4. HXH is a beautiful anime and I couldn’t be more excited for it’s comeback. Thank you Animenz.

  5. I admire pianists who can play like this. Sometimes Im listening your art for hours. So beautiful

  6. In just few days he arranged, performed and perfected this masterpiece.
    What a LEGEND!

  7. Friendly reminder that Hunter x Hunter is still being serialized in Weekly Shounen jump since 1998.
    And 24 years later, it’s still legendary.
    That’s just how good Hunter X Hunter is.

    1. @comfort zone ♪ He didn’t go to a mountain to play the C major scale 10.000 times everyday, during 2 years, for no reason, after all!

  8. Dont let this amazing cover distract you from the fact that Bungee Gum has the properties of *both Rubber AND Gum*

  9. Damnn cool it’s been so long now we have hope that hxh will have follow up seasons and arcs and continue to throw beautiful openings at us.

  10. Such an AMAZING arrangement!! <3
    And such a great way to celebrate the return of our man Togashi and one of the greatest manga ever.

  11. I can’t belive HunterxHunter is coming back! I’m gonna refresh my memory reading the last few chapters while listening to this on repeat.

  12. What an amazing piece! I never skipped the ED, its just beautiful. As your performance.

  13. this is my favorite end of HxH and i am so glad to hear you playing it, thxx so much for all amazing covers!! you are the best!

  14. Perfect arrangement! Every upload of yours is a reminder of why I play piano.

  15. Perfect arrangement! Every upload of yours is a reminder to why I play piano

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